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Namibia Traffic Management Solutions cc (NTMS) has published the “Namibian Learner’s and Driver’s Licenses Manual”.

The manual is the 1st ever Namibian manual that covers aspects of the new learner’s license process and the K52 driver test process.

2. Introduction of Mr Felix Tjozongoro

Mr Tjozongoro (Group MD of NTMS) is the author of the manual. It therefore brings a lot of benefit to the reader of this manual as it has been prepared by a man who was at the helm of NaTIS for more than 10 years.

He has extensive experience in the field of testing applicants for learners and drivers licenses. As Manager of NaTIS, he has engineered a number of projects in the field, with the aim of improving those processes. He has built this experience from travelling abroad to neighboring Countries and far afield such as Japan and the likes.

Mr Tjozongoro was very instrumental to the setup or creation of the NaTIS Department within Namibia, and in fact the brain child of that project. He joined the Ministry of Works and Transport in 1994 and pioneered the various processes to ensure that NaTIS as a computer system and a Department is setup, with the 1st office opening its doors to the public during 1998. His last position at the Roads Authority was that of Manager: NaTIS, a position he held from 01 April 2000 to 30 April 2009. He left the Roads Authority to setup the NTMS with the aim of complimenting the efforts of Government and that of the Roads Authority in addressing the challenges of the road users.